Study trip in Tartu

Last week, 3 teachers from our school were on a study trip to the Herbert Masingu School in Tartu, Estonia, as part of an Erasmus+ project. In the institution, which specialises in children with traumatic and/or autism spectrum disorders, our colleagues attended classes, had professional discussions with Estonian teachers and had the opportunity to get an insight into the daily life of an Estonian school. Physics, English and German lessons, development and art therapy (with personal experience), first and eighth grade classes, lessons indoor and outdoor, in the neighbouring park, a tour of the building from basement to attic: the whole spectrum of the school was on offer.  

One of the professional programmes was a city tour. The children had a physical education lesson, the Hungarian guests went around the points of interest in the app through the eyes of a tourist, and after successfully completing the task, burnt the calories were replenished in the canteen. In the canteen, the children can choose themselves which vegetables to eat, which sauce to put on their meat or choose from a few other dishes that are not pre-paid. They can drink water or milk. 

In addition to work, there was also time for some rest. On the first occasion, they could play in a well-equipped interactive museum, similar to the Palace of Wonders in Budapest, while on another occasion, two Estonian colleagues took the guests by car to the landscape reserve in the valley of the Ahja River. On the last evening, Estonian teachers gave a concert, ending the project meeting in a friendly way.  

It was a week full of professional and informal content and good atmosphere.