Games Without Frontiers

On 22nd June 2018 Mozgásjavító Elementary School will host again the international Games Without Frontiers game show series, with the participation of teams from eight countries. The game was based on the model of the well-known television game show in Germany in 1991, adapted to disabled children.
During the competition, teams have to complete tasks in which creativity and cooperation have a prominent role.
According to the game traditions, the composition of teams is the same to be able to provide equal opportunities during the competition. In 2018 in each team there will be four disabled people who are able to walk and two disabled people with wheelchairs, competing with each other.
Participants will spend 4 days in Budapest from 20-23 June as part of Euro Integration Week. During this time, they will take part in sightseeing, cultural and protocol programmes. The competition itself, of which theme is AUTONOMY, SELF-SUFFICIENCY this time, will take place on 22nd June.
Our aim is to organize this international competition with strong traditions at a high standard, in a dignified way to our school which celebrates its 115th anniversary this year.Contact info:

In 1991 on the initiative of a special institute in Regensburg, the adapted version of Games Without Frontiers started with the participation of many European special schools. Since 1993 the name of the event has been Euro Integration Week, and getting to know each other’s culture and reinforcing the European culture have appeared among the aims.

Mozgásjavító Institute joined the initiative in 1992 when the Czech partner had the right to organize the event. From 1992 to 2011 the competition was held previously yearly, then in every two year, with the participation of 6-8 countries, on different spots each time.
Mozgásjavító School hosted the games in 1995 and in 2003.
In 2016, after 6-year-long lapse, the Lithuanian partner institute organized the competition again in Vilnius, where the team of Mozgasjavito became first in its category.

Participants of 2018 Games:

  • Domov sociálnych služieb Hrabiny, Nová Baňa, Slovakia
  • Centrum pobytových a terénních sociálních služeb, Zbuch, Czech Republic
  • Szkoła Podstawowa Specjalna nr 327., Varsaw, Poland
  • Vilniaus „Atgajos“ specialioji mokykla, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Pater-Rupert-Mayer-Zentrum, Regensburg, Germany
  • Sint-Lodewijk, Wetteren, Belgium
  • Adelante Mytylschool, Valkenburg, the Netherlands

Zsótér Pál Foundation of Mozgásjavító School finances the whole event which is about 5 million forints for the 72 participants and their accompanying people. For this, the foundation needs supporters, cooperative partners, who help to accomplish the event either by financial contribution or providing services.
Supporting the event is possible through the not-for-profit Zsótér Pál Foundation functioning since 1993.

Address of the foundation: 1145. Budapest, Mexikói út 60.
Tax number: 18045570-1-42
Bank account: 10409015-90109809-00000000
President of Advisory Board: Mrs Katalin Kollár
Telephone number: 0036-1-251-6900

Contact info:
Mozgásjavító Kindergarten, Elementary and Specialized Secondary School, Unified Special Education Methodology Centre and Students’ Residence
Zsótér Pál Foundation
coordinator: Ms. Krisztina Szily
+36 1 251 6900/ Extension 131